Celebrating 100,000 Aussies checking their bone health!


The Know Your Bones online self-assessment has reached an important milestone….100,000 Aussie have checked their bone health!  

Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO Healthy Bones Australia says “Know Your Bones is a great example of collaboration and bringing the best outcomes of research in the area of bone health to the community to deliver a practical tool for consumers to understand their bone health and assess their risk of developing osteoporosis and fractures.”

Greg said “We are very proud and pleased that 100k Australians have completed their self-assessment and importantly this tool can be accessed in the comfort of your home, or anywhere, and from multiple devices.”

The milestone is being celebrated by Healthy Bones Australia with partner the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Prof Peter Croucher, Executive Director (interim) of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research said ”this is a great achievement but also just the beginning of our ongoing journey to reach millions of Australians with this important health prevention message.” 

Know Your Bones Ambassador Michelle Bridges has continued to feature in the community campaign to help raise awareness about Know Your Bones, Michelle says ”my message is simple – check your bone health now by visiting www.knowyourbones.org.au

Carole David, a long-standing consumer advocate with Healthy Bones Australia, has been living with osteoporosis for over a decade. Carole experienced a delayed diagnosis of osteoporosis and had many fractures before she was properly diagnosed. She now manages the disease with her specialist.

Carole says “osteoporosis is serious and can lead to fractures which can have a big impact on your life. It is very important people are aware of their bone health and any risk of osteoporosis so you can take action early and prevent unwanted fractures.”