Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare Sector 2024


Healthy Bones Australia (HBA) is at the forefront of promoting positive change and innovation in healthcare leadership, particularly in addressing the chronic condition osteoporosis within Australia’s healthcare system. HBA focuses on advancing bone health awareness and prevention through strategic initiatives and the innovative self-assessment tool, Know Your Bones, which is based on Australian research. Despite challenges like funding divisions between State and Federal governments, HBA remains committed to driving change in healthcare policies and standards, ultimately improving patient outcomes nationwide. By prioritising communication, patient advocacy, and collaborative leadership, HBA aims to empower individuals, enhance healthcare integration, and encourage innovation in the quest for better bone health.

HBA CEO, Greg Lyubomirsky says “It’s a common vision of all HBA members of staff, Board and Medical Committee supported by our consumer advocates to deliver programs and solutions that reduce the burden of unwanted fractures and improve lives of all people suffering osteoporosis”

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