Special Event Coverage


Healthy Bones Australia hosted an event on 13 October, marking the 21st anniversary of championing community and health professional awareness of bone health and advocating for early diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

In the lead-up to the event, Chairman Professor Ebeling said, “As recently as 20 years ago, bone health was a largely overlooked and untreated area. It is now recognised as an important chronic disease and a health priority in Australia”

The event was hosted at the Australian Museum in Sydney and gathered consumer advocates, bone researchers, doctors and representatives from bone-related organisations to celebrate this important milestone.

Patron Helen Dalley thanked the many people who have helped the organisation along the way and noted that while there have been many successes, there is much work ahead.

Areas of focus over the next five years will include: push for Fracture Liaison Services in capital cities, updated guidelines for General Practice, driving uptake of Australians using the self-assessment test Know Your Bones to understand risks, advocating for broader patient access to osteoporosis diagnosis/ treatment and support for new and innovative diagnostics.

The event included a video message of support from Women’s Health Advocate Ita Buttrose and a special announcement of a new strategic partnership with a local company to develop a breakthrough diagnostic prediction tool.

Healthy Bones Australia will partner with Australian company CurveBeam AI to validate a new diagnostic tool for osteoporosis following a decade of research. The new diagnostic tool (known as OssView) is a compact high-resolution CT scan with specific bone fragility software which examines the support structure of bone. Professor Ebeling said before the event, “It is expected the results from this new test, when combined with Bone Density testing, will greatly assist GPs and Specialists with identifying patients who are at high risk of fracture and yet only have low to normal bone density on conventional BMD testing.”

CEO Greg Lyubomirsky said about the announcement, “early diagnosis of osteoporosis is crucial to reducing fracture rates and their subsequent impacts and costs.”

Greg welcomed all guests and noted, “the 21st anniversary allows us to reflect with pride on our many remarkable achievements.” Greg noted this included the introduction of the online consumer tool Know Your Bones and support of $2.5M in grants to 63 bone researchers.

Scorecard and Milestones

Greg Lyubomirsky, CEO Healthy Bones Australia
Helen Dalley Patron
Medical Committee Members A/Prof Peter Wong (Chair) and Dr Weiwen Chen (Deputy Chair)
Greg Lyubomirsky with Prof. Ego Seaman (CurveBeam AI, Medical Director) and Greg Brown (CurveBeam AI, Managing Director)
Katherine Burchfield (NPS) with Dr Elizabeth Deveny (The Consumer Health Forum)
Garvan Institute of Medical Research representatives: Prof. Jacqueline Centre with Prof John Eisman and  Prof. Mike Rogers
Jayne Hyde (ACI)
A/Prof. Ann McCormack (Endocrine Society of Australia
Prof Mark Cooper (ANZBMS)

Consumer Advocates

Elaine Cotter, Carole David, Greg Lyubomirsky, Kimberley Martin, Renee Millane, Michelle Doyle, Chris Hogan

Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee

Prof. Robin Daly, Dr Weiwen Chen, A/Prof Peter Wong, Prof. Belinda Beck, Dr Jane Elliott, Dr Gabor Major, Dr Sonia Stanton, Prof.Cherie Chiang


Medical Director A/Prof. Peter Wong, Prof. Rebecca Mason, Melinda Sukhla, Martin McGrath, Board observer Jacinta Spurett, past Board Member Katrina Rathie
Paula Nassif (King & Wood Mallesons)

Prominent Researchers

A/Prof. Peter Wong, A/Prof Chris Hogan, Prof Chris White, Dr Weiwen Chen, Prof. Robin Daly, Dr Jane Elliott, Prof. Mark Cooper, Prof. Belinda Beck, Prof. Rebecca Mason, Prof. Jacqueline Centre, Prof. Tuan Nguyen, Prof. John Eisman, Prof. Ego Seaman, Prof. Mike Rogers, Dr Gabor Major
Prof. Kerrie Sanders
Dr Jarrod Meekan (Bone Bus)
Grant Awardees 2022: Dr Natalie Hyde with Dr Shejil Kumar
Healthy Bones Australia Team, Sherry Xue, Justine Waters, Greg Lyubomirsky, Melita Daru, Rosa Camilleri