World Osteoporosis Day Thursday October 20


World Osteoporosis Day October 20, 2022 – Step Up for Bone Health! 

This World Osteoporosis Day, the community is being encouraged to Step Up for Bone Health by following 5 Steps to improve bone health and help protect against osteoporosis.

  1. Eat bone-healthy foods (calcium, vitamin D and protein)
  2. Exercise (regular weight-bearing and resistant exercises for bones)
  3. Maintain a healthy body weight
  4. Don’t smoke and avoid excessive alcohol intake
  5. Be aware of any risk factors

Posters and Banners to share in your community

WOD poster
WOD 202 poster
Step Up WOD poster

Helpful resources from Healthy Bones Australia

The role of calcium

The role of vitamin D explained

Exercise for bone health

List of Calcium Content in Food LINK

Bone health Know Your Bones online self-assessment

 About World Osteoporosis Day

World Osteoporosis Day is an international awareness day hosted by the International Osteoporosis Foundation and supported by patient societies worldwide, including Healthy Bones Australia.