Patron & Ambassadors

  • Helen Dalley


    Helen is dedicated to supporting bone health in Australia and is Patron of Healthy Bones Australia. Helen is a prominent journalist, presenter and interviewer with over 30 years experience in Australia and overseas. Helen has received a United Nations Media Peace Award and an Australian Walkley Award. “I am delighted to be Patron of Healthy Bones Australia. I encourage women and men around the country to make their bone health a higher priority and help us reduce the serious impact of osteoporosis. My mother lived with this disease at a time when early intervention was not common and it greatly affected her life. This has made me a passionate advocate for prevention and early diagnosis of poor bone health. I am excited to be part of Healthy Bones Australia as we work to reduce the number of broken bones by improving bone health for all Australians.”

  • Sally Pearson OAM

    Know Your Bones Ambassador

    Sally Pearson OAM is an Olympic and World Champion and a Don Award winner, sports presenter and mother-of-two. Sally is an inspiration and is now a Know Your Bones Ambassador. Sally Pearson said “based on my personal experience with fractures I know how important it is to look after your bones.” Sally was shocked by the difficult recovery process she experienced after her fractured wrist during a race in Rome (in 2015), “the rehabilitation process was more traumatic than the actual fracture. Thankfully, because my bones were generally quite strong I was able to mount a successful recovery from my injury and to win my second World Championship in 2017. This is not the case for many Australians living with osteoporosis. We know too many people are suffering unnecessarily from broken bones that could be prevented.”