New Exercise Tips for Bones

A new Healthy Bones Australia Exercise Guide is now available as part of our new website focusing on 3 types of exercises for bone health. It shows examples of exercises that can be done at home or working with a personal trainer. Exercise expert Professor Belinda Beck says “research has shown us that when it comes… Read more »

Introducing Healthy Bones Australia!

Nation’s staggering 173,000 broken bones prompts urgent call to prioritise bone health Osteoporosis Australia rebrands as ‘Healthy Bones Australia’ & launches educational resource hub Osteoporosis Australia announced its official rebrand as ‘Healthy Bones Australia’ today (Tuesday, February 9) to reinforce the importance of prevention, in response to the concerning 173,000 broken bones sustained by the… Read more »

Personal Stories – Living with Poor Bone Health

Helen Dalley, Patron Healthy Bones Australia says “we are fortunate to have some strong and amazing women sharing their personal experiences with poor bone health and osteoporosis. Their stories are an important reminder that bone health is part of your general health and early investigation of risk factors is critical to reduce the impact of… Read more »

Visit our online Resource Hub

In our Resource Hub you will find a range of fact sheets on the types of medical risk factors for poor bone health and osteoporosis. This section also includes  a broad range of useful links and services, Explore Here