Know Your Bones


Know Your Bones: taking charge of your bone health.

Your bones are the foundation of your body, providing strength, structure, and protection. Like any other body part, taking care of your bones and ensuring their health and longevity is essential. That’s why Healthy Bones Australia has introduced a remarkable self-assessment tool called Know Your Bones. This article will explore the significance of bone health and how Know Your Bones can empower you to make informed decisions about your well-being.

Understanding the importance of bone health

Healthy bones are vital for maintaining an active and independent lifestyle. They are crucial in supporting your body, protecting your organs, and facilitating movement. However, as we age, our bones become more susceptible to conditions such as osteoporosis, which weakens the bones and increases the risk of fractures.

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Introducing the Know Your Bones assessment tool.

Healthy Bones Australia has developed an innovative self-assessment tool called Know Your Bones. This user-friendly online tool is designed to help you assess your bone health and identify potential risk factors for osteoporosis. By answering questions about your lifestyle, medical history, and family background, Know Your Bones provides valuable insights into your bone health status.

Empowering yourself with knowledge

Knowledge is power; understanding your risks and taking preventive measures can significantly affect your bone health. Know Your Bones empowers you to take charge of your well-being by providing personalised recommendations and actionable steps to maintain or improve your bone health.

Critical benefits of knowing your bones

  • Early Detection: Osteoporosis and low bone density can lead to fractures. Know Your Bones helps identify potential risks early on, allowing you to take proactive measures before significant damage occurs.
  • Risk Assessment: The self-assessment tool evaluates various factors, such as age, lifestyle choices, and medical history, to provide a comprehensive risk assessment. This personalised approach enables you to understand your risk factors and take preventive actions if you have any risks identified, talk to your doctor. 
  • Personalised Recommendations: Based on your assessment, Know Your Bones generates personalised recommendations to improve bone health, including dietary changes, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and visiting your doctor to help strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of fractures.

How to do the assessment?

Assessment is easily accessible online, allowing you to assess your bone health anytime from home. It takes only a few minutes to complete the assessment. In the last step, you can print your result, download and send PDF via email. 

Caring for your bone health is crucial to maintaining overall well-being and independence. With Know Your Bones, you can gain valuable insights into your bone health status and receive personalised recommendations to safeguard your future. 

This user-friendly self-assessment tool allows you to make informed decisions, take preventive measures, and embrace a lifestyle that supports strong and healthy bones. Visit the Know Your Bones website today and embark on your journey towards optimal bone health. Your bones will thank you!